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Service & Instructions

Looking after your watch

When you buy a premium brand watch, you’re buying a valuable and personal timepiece that looks stylish and lets people know that you care about quality.
Getting the best from your watch means taking care of it in order to keep it looking good and performing as well as the day you bought it. In these pages you’ll discover everything you need to know to do that, protecting your precious timekeeper against the elements, as well as information about the warranty that comes with your watch.

Actuating the watch

Every hand-wound watch needs to be restarted from time to time. The process for this is called ‘actuation’. For ease of winding, this should be done before the watch is worn. It’s important not to over-wind a watch as this can damage the gears, even with the most high-quality timepieces. With every watch bought from Art de Suisse, you’ll receive an owner’s manual, so make sure you read this first as this will give some indication of how many turns of the crown is needed to prepare yours for use. Once you feel any resistance, that’s a signal to stop winding to avoid damage to the internal mechanism. For most watch models, it’s recommended that you slightly rotate the crown anti-clockwise when fully wound to disengage the winding mechanism. Again, check the manual for detailed instructions.

Rewinding your watch

One way to keep your watch running smoothly is to wear it regularly. Winding keeps the mainspring tight and at optimal performance. When your watch is unused, or stopped, for a long period of time, a lubricant can harden, affecting its function and how well it keeps time. Which is why it’s recommended that you wind your watch at the beginning of every day, even if it hasn’t stopped from the previous usage. Do this before attaching the watch to your wrist. This serves two purposes: firstly, the watch mechanism is kept in good condition from regular use and, secondly, so the watch doesn’t stop unexpectedly during the day when it’s needed. Look after you watch and it will keep performing for you.

Water resistance

Unless your watch is designed to be water-resistant, then your warranty won’t cover water damage, so ensure that the crown is always pushed in during normal usage to avoid moisture entering the mechanism and don’t expose your watch in wet conditions, especially if you partake in water activities. Condensation under the watch face indicates a moisture problem and is a signal that your watch needs a serviced by a professional. The watches sold by Art de Suisse are complicated devices, designed and crafted by experienced artisans. You should never try a repair or service yourself as this will void your warranty and could lead to further damage. Always ensure your valued timepiece is repaired and serviced by a professional.


Avoid exposing your watch (particularly older models) to magnetic fields as this can affect the running of the mechanism. These magnetic fields are found in many everyday devices, such as microwaves, sound speakers and computer monitors. If you notice that your watch might be running slow or fast regular, then it’s possible the internal mechanism has been affected. Regardless, any deterioration in the ability of your watch to keep time is a sign to take it to a professional watch technician for a service, where it will be routinely checked for any evidence of magnetization. This can be easily remedied by a watch technician using specialised demagnetization equipment.

Regular servicing

Just like any tool with a sophisticated mechanism, watches need regular servicing and maintenance in order to operate at their best. While how regularly you service your watch will depend on the make and the age of the model, most premium brands will need to be serviced at least every two to three years. Again, check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations on maintenance and servicing options. Neglecting to service your watch regularly can, in the long run, lead to more costly repairs. At Art de Suisse we advise all owners of our timepieces to never open or attempt to repair a high-end watch as this will void your warranty and could lead to further damage.

Keep your warranty

Every watch sold by Art de Suisse is covered by a two-year guarantee against any defect at the time of purchase. However, your watch also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which you can find in the owner’s manual along with the terms and conditions. Typically, for most premium brands, the hands, dial and watch movement, as well as special model features are guaranteed for a specific time period and will be repaired or replaced at an authorised repair centre. However, be aware that, in many cases, the strap/bracelet, watch face (or crystal) and casing are generally not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty in the event of accidental damage. At Art de Suisse, we are always happy to advise our customers on the aftercare and servicing.